Dyed Black 20" inch Bodywave hair 1 bundle

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Kasana exports supplies 100% natural raw human hair.

This is dyed black hair piece, We buy hair from indian temples through auctions, we get dye hair from donors as well and grey also like 10% of total purchase.

These hair is turned to dyed black hair. they are straight from donor and dyed and bleached in professional factory. Selling it on a great price.

Services offered on website.

Shipping - 3 - 5 days delivery timePayment - PayPal.

Free return shipping if you dont like it and full refund will be offered.

Raw Indian temple hair 

Quality without a compromise, Cuticle Intact Hair.

Free of impurities and pests (no grey hairs, no lice/nits)

Tangle free, no shedding hair wefts

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