Lace Closure 4*4 Blonde 18" inches 1 Piece

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Dear buyer,

Closure Preplucked and transparent lace Available

Kasana exports supplies 100% natural raw human hair.

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Dropshipping, Custom packaging, Custom logo, label,

Shipping - 3 - 5 days delivery time, Payment - PayPal

Free return shipping if you dont like it and full refund will be offered.

Kasana exports has started selling blonde hair. this hair is made from raw indian hair temple donors hairs, we sell high quality blonde hairs. our hair will be blonde colored, in raw hair, colors of pieces vary from color 27 - 613 color shades. we always give matching texture and colors for order pieces for one order. if you are looking for specific color please contact  whatsapp +91 7053870952 or write us email at - 

Raw Indian temple hair 

Quality without a compromise, Cuticle Intact Hair.

Free of impurities and pests (no grey hairs, no lice/nits)

Tangle free, no shedding hair wefts

Whatsapp number +91 705 387 0952